Spoons send hope

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Spoons send hope

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The pandemic has brought together communities in a way that little else has. It is often during the worst times in history that people seek comfort and solidarity in each other, secure in the knowledge that every person is in the same boat as them. We have seen similar Spoonville’s pop up in different suburbs around Melbourne. I believe that their purpose is something for children to enjoy when going out on walks during the many months in lockdown. When I first saw the Spoonville’s being posted on social media, I thought that it was a cute and fun idea. It wasn’t until I saw them myself that I realised the impact of what those spoons represent. People took the time to make them, create the desire for more to be made and I am sure inspired joy in the young children of my community. In times when so much is uncertain, it is nice to walk by the spoons and see them still there, a representation of the heart of Laverton.

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This is a photograph of the "Laverton Spoonville," located on the main road in the suburb I live in, Laverton.

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