Blue sky from drive in regional Victoria

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Blue sky from drive in regional Victoria

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This photo was taken at a rest stop i stopped at when I drove from Melbourne to Wodonga to pick up my mum, during the start of our second quarantine (in July). My mum, who had spent the past year living in the South of France, had been completing her mandatory quarantine in a hotel in Sydney for the past two weeks, and I offered to drive up to pick her up. However, due to the reintroduction of restrictions and the border closure between Victoria and New South Wales, I was unable to drive all the way to Sydney. To make up for this, she took the train from Sydney to Wodonga, where I then picked her up. I was very concerned with my drive, as I was unsure with the new restrictions if I would be able to drive from Metro Melbourne to the border, however, as this fell under compassionate reasons, one of the 4 reasons you were able to travel under those restrictions, I was able to complete my journey, and reunite with my mum who I had not seen in over a year.

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