Analysing Dan Andrew’s Outfits During a Pandemic

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Analysing Dan Andrew’s Outfits During a Pandemic

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HIST30060: Making History
Since March 2020, Melbourne has collectively been in lockdown for 112 days – apparently, the longest lockdown in the world. The definition of ‘lockdown’ has gone through a few editions, but it largely meant that people could only leave their homes for (four) essential reasons, most physical stores were not open or were limited to click-and-collect or takeaway, you could not see more than 1-2 people outside the people you live with, and this seemingly perpetual sense of not being able to do anything. A key element of this period was the anticipation (or dread) of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ daily coronavirus update press conferences. The attention on these daily updates intensified to the point of codifying Andrews’ outfits to deduce whether his announcements would be happy or upsetting for Victorians keen to get out of lockdown. If he was in full business suit: bad, restrictions are about to get harsher, if he was wearing a North Face puffer jacket: good, you and your mates might be able to get your beers on again.

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