Jewish Melbourne: Sholem Aleichem ‘Gast Oyf Shabes’ - cooking from Fania Lewando's cookbook

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Jewish Melbourne: Sholem Aleichem ‘Gast Oyf Shabes’ - cooking from Fania Lewando's cookbook

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"Last Friday, the Grade 6s welcomed vegan chef Michal Dawid Lachur all the way from Warsaw, Poland as their latest ‘Gast Oyf Shabes’.
Michal taught the Grade 6s about vegetarian chef, Fania Lewando (1887-1941). Lewando ran a vegetarian restaurant in pre-WWII Vilna. The restaurant attracted figures such as Marc Chagall and Itzik Manger. She also had a cookery school, where she taught about vegetarian nutrition.
Fania Lewando published the Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook (Vegetarish-Dietisher Kokhbukh) in 1938 in Yiddish. Many years later, it was translated into English and is available online.
Michal led our students in a cooking workshop, where they learned to make a rice kugl and a prune tsimes.
The students had a great time cooking with Michal and enjoyed learning to make Lewando’s take on these traditional dishes.
A sheynem dank to Michal for joining us in the early hours of the morning to work with our students."

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