The best and worst of Coronavirus (Peru)

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The best and worst of Coronavirus (Peru)

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I really love reading Somos, and I love this short historias piece reflecting on the best and worst of coronavirus from 100 Peruvians. It's reassuring to read what is helping people stay positive, and at the same time recognize that we're all struggling with a really difficult moment. There's a parent who laments she can't visit her daughter when she got into Stanford, another parent willing to watch the Wizard of Oz as many times as his daughter asks, and others who took the extra time at home to learn new skills like baking a carrot cake or reflecting on their lives and relationships.

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June 24, 2020

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Historias piece in Somos

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Katy Kole de Peralta

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Arizona State University

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Web article

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El Comercio

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This item was submitted on 24 de junio de 2020 by Katy Kole de Peralta using the form “Sharing” on the site “Las Americas”: https://covid-19archive.org/s/americas

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