The BCC Archives has teamed up with The Journal of the Plague Year: An Archive of COVID-19 (JOTPY). This initiative means to contribute stories through its completely digital archive, by collecting historical accounts from tradtionally underrepresented communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our part, we hope to share a uniquely Bronx perspective- relating stories from one of the most diverse boroughs in the world. 

We invite members of the Bronx Community College community to share their experiences of Covid-19. This invitation extends to current students, staff, faculty, alumni, and members of the wider borough. You can contibute anything you like to this digital archvie: from personal and family narratives, to audio-video interviews and clipped news reports, as well as transcripts, social media posts, and memes. We also accept artwork, such as paintings, music, photography, poems, fictional accounts, graphic novels, zines, and other reflections. You can send us your materials in most formats (images, videos, tweets, PDFs, and other digital objects). We welcome anything that helps to capture the pandemic and other issues related to this historical moment. Start by visiting our Share Your Story page!

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