Share Your Story With the Bronx Community College Covid-19 Archive

We invite members of our Bronx Community College community—students, staff, faculty, alumni; and residents of our neighborhood, borough, and city—to share stories and experiences about Covid-19. As members of one of the most diverse campuses in the world in one of the most diverse cities in the world, our community has important stories to share about this moment for the education of future generations. You can contribute anything you choose to this digital archive.

Share your story- Bronx

Your title should be descriptive if possible. Examples: Social Distancing at the Beach, Grand Central Empty at Noon, Trombonist on a Brownstone Balcony
I couldn't find the time to pick up groceries, so my neighbor (pictured) volunteered to bring me some.;
My personal story in video format. A triumph against the virus and the slow recovery at home with the support of friends and family.
A watercolor portrait of my cat waking up following an afternoon spent sunbathing


school; work; church; Fordham; Yankee Stadium; Bronx Zoo; skating rink; parenting; snowing; community garden; mutual aid; artwork; Covid testing; essential worker, etc. 
Undergrad majoring in Liberal Arts; faculty in the English department; Human Resources staff memeber; alumni; community member; Bronx resident; volunteer, etc. 
ENG1010; Fall 2020;  Professor J. Doe

The Bronx Community College Covid-19 Archive requires a Creative Commons ND-NC license for its content

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