COVID 19 Global Impact

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COVID 19 Global Impact

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I have selected a photo of a few parents standing around the front of a school. Some were protesting and other were trying to gather information about the nyc public school shutting down because of covid 19. This photo was not taken by me but was found on the internet among other photos similar like this one. This photo shows what was going on in my neighborhood and what was currently take place at the time.
For my primary source, I have selected a link to view my photo of a few parents standing outside the public school protesting and gathering around for information about the public school being closed and what would be their next step. I got this photo from the internet and I thought this photo would be very interesting especially that it was taken When the pandemic started, and all public schools was announced to be closed due to COVID19. In this photo this is exactly how my neighborhood was I even went to my children school myself to get some information because i felt the news wasn’t really telling me anything I needed to hear. While standing in the crown in the mixed of things I had on my mask and I was even a slight bit uncomfortable because I didn’t know how bad this virus was and how bad it could get until I experienced it myself. Currently everybody didn’t know which direction to go towards. Everything was so out of placed. Even though this was a life-threatening disease that hit us out of nowhere many parents still wanted their kids in school they Had no choice but to continue to send their kids because of limited childcare.

Many parents used the school system as a childcare source while they worked to provide for home and with the school being closed parents was at risk of losing their jobs in which they could not afford. Soon after schools was shut down many if not all kids were offered tablets and school computers to help them complete their schoolwork. Many parents were not happy about this. So, the government came up with another solution for the upcoming school year of sept 2021. Blended learning, where’s some kids have the option to attend school and others can stay home and do remote learning. At the time numbers were high so I decided to allow my kids to continue their remote learning at home. Which became very challenging for us all because I was also attending college classes online. Everything hit like a domino effect one tragedy after the next band it felt like it wasn’t getting any better. While everything was so unorganized it took everyone to come together and work together until we all learned this new system. This was a very challenging time for us all and even the children had to learn a different way of learning .
I am a student at Bronx Community College.

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May 25, 2020

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Kariyma Womack

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Kariyma Womack

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Bronx Community College

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personal essay

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