From Ahuehuetitla to Brooklyn: Life under the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump Administration


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From Ahuehuetitla to Brooklyn: Life under the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump Administration

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Using autoethnography as the method of research, this paper explores the fears and anxieties exacerbated in the Latinx community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through narrative snapshots, I depict how the pandemic worsened due to policy meant to limit undocumented Latinx immigrants’ access to health services. By focusing on the evolution of the public charge, this project depicts the ways the Trump administration’s hateful rhetoric and racist policies exacerbate the fear, life-threatening conditions, and long-lasting trauma on undocumented Latinx immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Closing in on one Brooklyn family’s navigation of the 2020 political climate, worsening pandemic, working-class realities, and immigration system, I take you through the present realities often left unseen by mainstream media.
Alumnus of Brooklyn College

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August 31, 2020

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Raul Vaquero

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Raul Vaquero

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This document was not created as part of a Brooklyn College class. Although I did receive assistance from Professors Jeanne Theoharis and Joseph Entin

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Brooklyn College

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autoethnographic project

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