The day it all went south

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The day it all went south

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From the beginning of quarantine till now the simple, everyday things I used to do has now become a difficult. Such examples would be going to the bodega or going to my therapy appointments or even going to work. There’s now so many extra steps and protocols as if my job wasn’t already stressful enough. While I personally haven’t been affected by corona virus in terms of health, I can still say that it has turned everything upside down. I still can hang out with friends but I’ve missed so many events that I was looking forward to. Anime event to birthday event, all of those experiences missed. The biggest thing about COVID for me was that it showed me just how selfish and ignorant others are by not only people refusing to wear masks but some even denying it’s existence.
Undergraduate Junior majoring in Health and Nutritional Sciences

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March 26, 2020

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HNSC 1200
Fall 2020
Professor Korsmo

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Brooklyn College

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Text story

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English Social Distance
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cancel culture
difficulty of everyday life

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Brooklyn NY

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