Racism during COVID-19 for minorities


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Racism during COVID-19 for minorities

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The material presents racism during the Pandemic and how it has affected people from different racial communities like Hispanic Latinos, Asians, and African Americans.
Brooklyn College Student

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March 2020

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I have co-creators
Karina Salas
Gabriella Vaitzman
Helen Ogunleye
Diane Bazar

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Karina Salas

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Power point with images and videos

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English Emotion
English Social Issues
English Conflict
English Home & Family Life
English Immigration
English Neighborhoods
English Race & Ethnicity

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hate crimes

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Eng Brooklyn
Eng racism
Eng Asian
Eng Hispanic
Eng Latinos
Eng minorities
Eng xenophobia
Eng discrimination

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English Social Justice
English Minority Communities
English Law Enforcement
Black Voices
Latinx Voices
Latinx Voices
Latinx Voices

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