Ruth Hunt's Story

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Ruth Hunt's Story

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Many family members expressed a great sense of relief knowing that mom passed last year and not in 2020 because it would have been unbearable for me not to be able to visit with my mother during this pandemic. My mom was confined to a nursing/rehab facility for the last nine months of her life and I had to travel back and forth from New Jersey to Virginia to spend 10 days at a time with her. It was the hardest nine months of my life advocating for my mother's life while she was confined. Although she passed the last day of February 2019, I continued running that race to get everything perfectly in place to honor her life. The family was not up to the burial at the time so we planned to have a family reunion this July 2020 and a graveside service to remit mom's ashes in the grave waiting for her next to our father. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the family has decided to postpone the graveside service until July 2021 in order to celebrate her life.
You can listen to an interview with my mother here:

I am a family researcher, my story is here:
nursing home, death and dying, oral history, family, African American genealogy, LongIslandCommunity

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July 22, 2020

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Ruth D. Hunt

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Juilee Decker

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Text Story
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nursing home
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