Distance Learning AP testing

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Distance Learning AP testing

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This photo was taken an hour or two before I was set to take my APUSH exam, since Freshman year I had always taken AP tests so with the new distance learning it was definitely a different experience. Normally, on AP test day, minutes before my classmates and I would sit for hours to test, we would usually all gather and share our anxiousness among each other, this time I was alone trying to calm my nerves with coffee and Cheerios while studying notes I had accumulated throughout the course. Missing this short, traditional, and oddly comforting moment that I would normally share with my peers really made me reflect and cherish all the memories, big or small, that I’ve had, especially in school.
Photo from Isabella Grado
#APUSH, #APtesting, #distancelearning, #school, #APLANG, #nervous, #testing

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May 31, 2020

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Isabella Grado

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Isabella Grado

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Garden Grove High School

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