Theatre Workshop presents: The Essential Bronx - COVID Stories, Part 1

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Theatre Workshop presents: The Essential Bronx - COVID Stories, Part 1

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We have preserved in this short film a selection of Theatre Workshop students' authentic experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to share these stories with you.
Associate Professor, Director Theatre Workshop.

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December 2, 2020

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John Socas
Carmen Myers
Austin Bedoya
Jose Capellan
Janelle Dockery
Fitsum Ghebrtence
Shakeel Hakeem
Ashley Hernandez
Madimakan Magassa
Tanise Murrell
Justin Orellana
Liliana Rodriguez
Ayana Soto
Gerson Legend

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John Socas

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Bronx Community College

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documentary interview

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and the bars drop and they're trapped that's kind of how this moment felt the nightmare is me waking up when this is all over and just losing my family we were angry because of our skin color we are targets people were destroying their own communities i heard three gunshots i'm going to lose my sister and my dad the most difficult part it was that she she couldn't be around us this virus is serious it does not care what you look like or who you are anybody can get it america is corrupt
my name is ayanna soto and this is my covet story when the pandemic first happened i didn't think much of it i just thought that this was a flu and it'd be gone in no time then we went on lockdown and that's when it became real i remember going out with a friend just a day before lockdown we both worked at the same place and we both got a notification that one of our shifts had been taken down and then later on we got an email saying that our job was closed until further notice i remember going out to the living room to tell my mom what happened and she told me that the schools were also closing until further notice you know those movies when someone tries to rob a store or a bank and the bars drop and they're trapped that's kind of how this moment felt at first i was okay with staying at home with my family then we started to get a bit of cabin fever there were some arguments eye rolling huffing and puffing we made it work but not only that it just felt like this wasn't some flu it's not some flu it's something so much bigger than that hi my name is fitzsim and this is my pandemic story when the pandemic first hit we didn't think too much about it because the news said it was only five people so we thought you know it's only five people it will be dealt with quickly um that wasn't the case a month later virus spread quickly than imagine and my family and i decided you know what let's go shopping and let's get everything that we need because we don't want to be in this situation when we catch the virus so as soon as we went into the store it was hectic you know it was everyone was there you know even parking lot was just completely filled it was it was crazy one look at that line and you would think like you know what let's just do this another day but you know thank god we stuck it out this was my pandemic story um thank you so much for listening
during the quarantine i was most scared just one day when my mom came home and told me and my siblings that she was sick i thought that she was joking but no she wasn't joking uh it wasn't community she was so scared because in the past years she has different type of illnesses and so many times and she thinks that this one can kill her the most difficult part it was that she she couldn't be around us we was we were so scared because we heard we heard her her through doing things like and she couldn't breathe well also or taste the flavor of the food but the good thing is that after one week or two she will just start to be healthy again every day i woke up worried for my family because when my family was infected thank god and god forbid that we ever do i didn't know that she she will be recovered again i was just glad that my family was safe hi my name is shaquilla kim and i would like to take a moment to share my stories with you i'm an essential worker and every day while i was working i'd get scared i get that phone call saying pretty much the worst i work for fedex so the chances of me catching it are higher than most my dad caught cover 19. i couldn't see him for a month my mom who is also asthmatic and has other ailments that play a key factor in the cover 19 virus was the one i was most worried about and that weighed heavy on my chest you know luckily my dad made it through
when i found out and i'm sober that trump got covered 19 i was not surprised or so sad because he should have been wearing his mask he was making fun of biting because he was wearing a mask wherever he goes when he got overnight i started to take even more seriously because you think the president is untouchable on the news they were saying that we can't leave our houses at 11 because there was going to spray disinfectant in the air and eventually we had a curfew it was some scary times
after covert was around for two weeks already i got sick i let a week go by i was getting better but i lost my sense of taste and smell my mom called me and told me some bad news we found out that they both were positive my dad and sister were both sick with fever and cold i got really worried i started thinking about a lot of negative things like i'm going to lose my sister and my dad after they got tested for covert i went to my dad and i hugged him and he told me to get away from him because he wanted to protect me but i still hugged him and told him i am not scared of kobe it would not stop me from getting close to you i told him to get up from the bed laying down as a lying cover to bring you down i was able to get him up and motivate him to not be down and be strong i was really frustrated i was furious it was so difficult for us i got scared it frustrated me okay when i went to times square when i was going to a store a jamaican man i asked him if the store is open he said no it is not so he tell me america is corrupt they are corrupt they made up the pandemic and they don't care about people's lives they only care about their money and i never heard that before this is my first time during the quarantine i was most scared as one day when i was dividing around late at night um during the doing the riding and the looting and when i'm on my way home i heard three gunshots and you know they're going up from behind me and all of a sudden there's like three guys and like halloween masks just um breaking and entering to the store and we and uh i make eye contact with them just just straight through like i just looked at them and all of a sudden three cop cars so blue woo just going straight in the area that i just came from an unexpected gift of quarantine was finding myself an inner peace and learning how to protect my energy from unwanted spirits and people with bad intentions an unexpected gift was my awakened passion in music i was able to find my passion in music and it's actually really therapeutic an unexpected quarantine gift has been attending school and work from home i get to sleep more working from home you don't have to worry about attracting clothing and one unexpected gift that i've gotten during quarantine was to buy a pet guinea pig it was unexpected it was to feel less alone and to have more joy in my life hi my name is liliana rodriguez and these are my colvid19 stories i am most frustrated during this pandemic when i see people just acting so reckless and stupid i understand this pandemic is serious and has a lot of people paranoid but there's no need to act like a savage out of control like in the middle of the pandemic when the protests were happening and all the writing was going on people were destroying their own communities i definitely understand when people were so upset i was upset as well but two wrongs will never make a right life isn't a pause right now and i need to reflect on what i want to do i miss life being normal when people started to take to the streets to protest the death of george floyd i felt the need that i needed to join them and do my part my people as a whole were hurting we were angry because of our skin color we are targets i attended two protests in the city and attended the march on washington this year the protests were peaceful what i loved the most was the roots that we took walking you would see people cheering from their windows cheering us on with black lives matter signs when i went to the march on washington i was able to listen to reverend al sharpton and also martin luther king jr's granddaughter my name is ashley hernandez and these are my pandemic stories quarantine was unexpected for all of us during the pandemic many people were furious because of what had happened to george floyd protesters never gave up they protested and protested but it got to the point where people from my neighborhood from my area took advantage and vandalized our neighborhood our community i was furious to that point because they robbed things from the pharmacy that i get my medicine from my grandma gets her medications from and i wasn't feeling well and my medications were in that pharmacy and so they were robbed um i bought a couple of things on amazon you know and that was robbed too people took advantage and they weren't really protesting but they were more like vandalizing and doing things for the wrong things instead of the right things and i was upset but i can't control them the cursed toilet paper i don't understand what was with that toilet paper but nevertheless it was gone when the toilet paper has ran out in the stores i thought it was weird and funny because what does totally have to do with someone getting the virus the thing that really surprised me the most was people's mostly concern for toilet paper i didn't understand that we went to go buy toilet paper as well and it was like two like two of them left you know like you know what we better get those before they'll go on we're gonna get through this together

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Gerson Legend

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Special Thanks to: Prof. Jeffrey Wisotsky, Lile Akther, Devin Prevost and the Media and Digital Film Production Program, ​Dr. Sara Brady and all of the faculty in the Communication Arts and Sciences Department, Barbara Thomson, Stephanie Polo, Yvonne Erazo, Dean Manny Lopez and BCC Inc., the staff of BCC, and Dr. Jennifer Socas

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Dr. John Socas, Dr. Carmen Myers, Austin Bedoya, Jose Capellan, Janelle Dockery, Fitsum Ghebrtence, Shakeel Hakeem, Ashley Hernandez, Madimakan Magassa, Tanise Murrell, Justin Orellana, Liliana Rodriguez, and Ayana Soto

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The Bronx
New York City
New York
United States

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