The Pandemic that Changed It All

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The Pandemic that Changed It All

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I think we all should take this as an experience to be prepare for the next major event.
This primary source is an image of people in 2020-2021 wearing masks due to the coronavirus outbreak that occurred in the United States on January 22nd 2020 (the first case). This image was taken in flushing Queens New York in August of 2020, which is an Asian populated area in New York and the person credited with this image is Chang W. Lee. The reason why I selected this image is because I am from New York city and this is a perfect representation of how people walked in the streets of New York during the pandemic. This picture was taking in the summer time you can people having to wear a mask even in the hot weather, that shows the severity of the pandemic. I also selected this picture because it shows the people that were impacted the most during the pandemic, which were the elderly people. ( I did not create this image, I actually found this image on the New York Times website and it caught my eye. I think many students and historians will find this image useful because they can visualize what it was like but they can also go back and find more information that this image might not give you. In addition I believe it’s good to have many different documents that display a major event in our history, so that we won’t forget because history tends to repeat. This image documents the individuals impacted the most and the severity of the coronavirus outbreak with the bus in the background displaying “Mask Required”. I think the importance of this being on a paper like the New York times is significant because it’s a paper read around the world. What I hope future historians understand is that our health is important and being prepare for anything that could be coming is essential, this pandemic caught many by surprise not only on a health level but on a financial one as well.
Undergrad student

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August 3, 2020

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Chang W. Lee

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Alexander Gonzalez

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Bronx Community College

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text story

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The New York Times

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Flushing -- Queens
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