Decide to get my covid vaccine

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Decide to get my covid vaccine

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Getting my Covid vaccine.
For my primary source, I selected these two photographs I took when I received my confirmation message for my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and the sticker of the moment after I got it. The vaccination site was full of military men which made me not want to take pictures of them. The vaccination site was the Yankee stadium, and it was highly organized they would have you in a line and when it was your turn, they would ask why you were getting it, my reason is I work in the food industry and my partner works in a luxury boutique that often is circulated by at least 300 people a day. I wanted the extra protection even though the vaccine does not prevent the covid-19 virus 100%.

The process of getting the Pfizer Vaccine was a tad bit difficult. My partner was the first one to get it. He got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine before the whole scandal happened with the patients whose blood clotted after getting the vaccine. Everyone was making small comments that made me doubt that I was getting the vaccine but since he and I work in highly circulated areas I went ahead and made the appointment with my partner's help.

For me to score the appointment I had days looking into the turbovax website. This website compiled all vaccination centers near my zip code and showed me all available dates. I was on the website for 30 minutes, clicking the time I could do. I got the appointment at 3:45 and on 4/13/21.

The day was 04/13/2021 it was hot, and I was exhausted from work, but I was lucky to get an appointment fast so after work I made my way to Yankee, and I was honestly scared of the side effects the vaccine would bring to me. After I got it, they made me sit in a waiting room for 30 minutes. This wait was to ensure I would not have serious side effects and thankfully I did not have any and they scheduled my second dose for 05/03/2021 they will be seeing me soon. A lot of people believe that just because you get vaccinated you can go out to the street like COVID never happened, you still must protect yourself and others and some people are very adamant to get that across their minds.

A lot of people kept making scary comments about the aftereffects of the shot. High fevers, body aches and headaches on top of other serious side effects. I went in prepared to call out the next day. Thankfully, my only side effect was a sore arm and that was about it. My family was scared for me because they believe the vaccine will give cancer, but as time progresses it keeps showing that the vaccine hoaxes are, as the word says, a hoax.

I selected these photos as my sources because I want future and present historians to know how the process of vaccination went. The pandemic was something that completely changed lives and the vaccine is a look at a better future. I want historians to know that zoom classes are ok, but they are different from in person classes I miss regular school and regular living situation not the way life is going on right now, but we can never get there if we do not participate in all these preventive activities like wearing masks social distancing and continuous disinfecting of high use areas, we will not get to a life how we used to live.
Undergrad majoring in Criminal Justice.

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April 2021

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Andrys Severino

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Andrys Severino

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