Mayhem at Fordham Road

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Mayhem at Fordham Road

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A video of the riots that took place in Fordham Road during summer of 2020.
The past year has been very rough for obvious reasons, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the killing of George Floyd, which led to the protests against social injustice in the black community. I chose this video as my primary source because I live in Kingsbridge which is right next to Fordham where the protests and looting happened. The video “Bronx NYC Fordham rd Riot Mayhem and Looting #2” was uploaded by the channel NegroClaro on YouTube. There’s a series of videos of where the individual is recording the riots happening in Fordham Road. I chose this video because it represents what was happening on this particular location in the Bronx. On May 25th, 2020 a 46-year old man named George Floyd died by the hands of the police, videos circulated of this tragic event and it sparked various upcoming protests. While many people joined the protest for the actual cause, others sadly took this as an opportunity to break into small business and steal whatever they could get their hands on. In this video there’s a part where a group of people worked together to break into a sneaker store.

On this night, June 1 2020, my partner was driving me back home and to get home we drive through Fordham. I remember seeing so many people running and walking all over the place, and there was trash all over the place. It looked so chaotic it was scary because police officers were out on the streets as well and I held my breathe every time I saw individuals being obtained my officers hoping it doesn’t end in a tragic note. When we approached by building at Kingsbridge Helicopters could be heard and seen.

Although the video does show the riots that was occurring at the time, it doesn’t include the aftermath. Unfortunately, the type of business heavily affected by the riots were small business. I remember the next day on social media people were very upset with what had occurred because people had ill intentions to take advantage of the protests and began to loot jewelers stores, sneaker stores and other small business forcing the owners to close down their business. They just added more stress on top of the pandemic crisis for these small business owners. However, some people had sympathy for these business owners and helped clean up the mess.

I think it’s important for the future people in the Bronx to know about the mayhem in Fordham because there were many things surrounding it such as the protests for the killing of George Floyd, and this took place at the peak of the pandemic when we’re suppose to social distance and wear masks in public spaces. Sometimes it’s good to know the events that took place in your neighborhood because it impacts you personally.
Undergrad student majoring in Biology.

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June 2, 2020

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Negro Claro

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Bronx Community College

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YouTube video
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