The Hands of Our Mothers: The Survival of Black Motherhood Through COVID-19 & the Uprisings


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The Hands of Our Mothers: The Survival of Black Motherhood Through COVID-19 & the Uprisings

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My project sought to examine and understand the historical resilience of Black motherhood and its relation to the life altering pandemic, COVID-19 and racially driven uprisings against systematic oppression; How Black motherhood and resistance through Black motherhood adapted, how it’s changed and what new radical resistance through motherhood was conjured in face of the pandemic and race clarity. As an autoethnographic account this research project was centered around my experience of motherhood and communal connections, as well as the experiences of Black mothers and birth workers. The political positioning of Black mothers was considered through essays and poetry written, as well as photos during the lockdowns in relation to the concepts of birth and death, the idea of radical mothering and activism, and the umbrella term of community.
Senior undergrad majoring in Africana Studies

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September 17, 2020

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Assata (Diamond) Gonzalez
Cover art by Tiffany Montell

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Assata (Diamond) Gonzalez

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summer research

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Brooklyn College

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text story

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English Race & Ethnicity
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My story relates to my experiences with motherhood, race, class and gender in a Brooklyn neighborhood during a Pandemic.

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