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Collected Item: “The Covid 19 Pandemic in Bhutan”

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The Covid 19 Pandemic in Bhutan

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December 25th 2019 was the first time when i heard about the Corona virus outbreak in China. Never have I ever expected that the virus will spread so quickly across the globe. I was in college when I heard that one of the American Tourists in Bhutan was infected with the virus. After that news Bhutan was into lock-down and we were kept in our college premises with no classes until further notice from the government. After 2 weeks the UN declared the virus as a global pandemic and all the students were sent to their homes. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and the number just kept on increasing. Coming from a middle class family and with the blessing of our king and the government we were able to handle the pandemic well. Bhutanese did not had to hoard any necessities because the people were fully supported by the king and the government as well. Schools were closed, tourism put into halt and all shops had to be closed by 7 PM. Yet, it was just like a normal day for the people as well as for myself. Only difference was that we had to be more careful and be more responsible for our own health. Bhutan had 0 infected people excluding the American but there were Bhutanese studying and working outside the boarder who had to come back home. That's when the number really started to rise up in the country and so far we have 67 cases with 0 deaths which all came from outside. The king and the government are very generous and give full support both medically and financially for those who's jobs were affected by the pandemic. Bhutan is a developing economy that has adopted the constitutional democratic monarchy with a very kind king and a strong government that puts happiness in front of GDP.
What i wanna tell to the people reading my story is that if your country has a strong less corrupted leader representing your country, any problem can be handled in a professional way. Lastly i wanna end my short story with the word of our king from his covid-19 speech and I quote "Let us all be strong and not loose our hopes and take care of our country".

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Dechen Wangmo

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