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– Call for Submissions –

Law Enforcement Collection


I’m a retired cop and graduate student in Global History at Arizona State University, and I need your help to inform future generations of cops, trainers, researchers, and the public you serve. ASU is leading an online history archive to document how folks have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. Entitled “Journal of the Plague Year,” this global effort seeks LEO submissions to its digital public archive. The COVID-19 archive and its Law Enforcement collection seek to record diverse perspectives, and we do not discriminate against relevant submissions.

This is a picture of a group of police officers wearing both face shields and face masks standing outside of a FedEx.
This is a picture of a police officer who is standing guard during a protest against President Donald Trump.

No one else swore to uphold the law during this time, and you alone can tell what it meant for you to wear a badge during this pandemic. COVID-19 has likely altered your daily life and work assignments. Perhaps done far more than that. We want to know and preserve your story.

Our archivists and curators intend to preserve LEO pandemic experiences, as well as the public’s experience with LEOs. We hope this specific collection will inform future generations of our societies’ successes, failures, and their unintended consequences. We expect a wide variety of future researchers, historians, LEO trainers, and public officials will value this archive and your contributions to it.

Please use #LEO when submitting to the JOPTY archive to ensure your contributions are included for this exhibit. Here's the submission link, but feel free to review the archive’s curated and preserved submissions:

Thank you for contributing to this historic and truly global effort.  


Semper Cop,

James Rayroux -- Graduate Student / Global History --

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