Loss of Businesses and Jobs

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but for those who lost their job or their business during the Pandemic it has been much more difficult. This page brights light to those who have strugggled due to their place of work being shutdown or those who have lost work due to the pandemic.

Below Shines a Light on those who have lost their business or their position in their line of work due to the pandemic and or the new work requirements that the pandemic put forth. 

Business Closure – Pennsylvania Gamestops

Here it shows how Gamestop, a very well known establishment, was forced to shutdown which forced their workers to find other employment.

An empty barbershop.

The Harsh Reality For Barbers and Beauticians

Barbershops/Beauty Salons faced a magnitude of hardship durng this time as their main source of income was stripped from them during the shutdown period.

Shutdown of history

The Pour House Bar and Grill was a Boston Staple prior to the Pandemic, due to the pandemic the owners had to close it down. Which impacted the Boston community as not only good owners were forced out of their work, but a fan favorite was closed.

Workers Laid off at The Happiest Place on Earth

Disney was forced to fire thousands of their workers to meet the new work requirements during the pandemic.

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