Silver Linings

The COVID-19 pandemic was undoubtedly a period of heartache and suffering for many people across the globe. As unemployment skyrocketed and many became locked away from the people and daily life they once knew, a sense of uncertainty filled the air. It is sometimes through such periods of hardship, however, that we can best see humanity's ability to overcome. This exhibit is dedicated toward depicting the ways people were able to find a sense of optimism and opportunity - the silver linings - of a period seemingly so dark. There are many lessons future historians and teachers can draw upon from the pandemic, but a full understanding of this period cannot come without understanding the many ways humanity was able to push forward.

Finding Beauty in a COVID World: Rainbow in an Open Landscape

A rainbow pushing through the storm clouds just north of Granada, Colorado. 

Finding new hobbies, practicing mindfulness, and even connecting closer to those isolated around them. The positivities people found during the pandemic were vast.

Listed below are collections of a few of these categories:

This exhibit was curated by Josh DiPrima, a graduate student at Rutgers University, as part of an internship with A Journal of the Plague Year: An Archive of COVID-19.

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