#Indigenous POV

The mainstream media continues to report on the disproportional impact COVID-19 has had on tribal communities across the world. Media stories include a lack of medical resources and other basic necessities. Has your tribe been affected by these, or other, factors? How has it been affected by the pandemic? Or do you have stories of solidarity and strength that you would like to share? The archive welcomes the voices of Indigenous tribes and invites them to submit stories describing their COVID-19 experiences. Indigenous stories align with the Journal of the Plague Year's mission to represent pandemic experiences from all races and ethnicities. Although the archive has collected many Indigenous stories, the majority are from the media’s point of view, not from tribal members themselves. We value each submission and will curate stories with thoughtfulness and respect. Submissions can be in a variety of forms such as social media posts, news articles, text, photos, and memes. The purpose of Journal of the Plague Year is to preserve these stories for future generations so they can learn from the experiences of those who lived through a global pandemic. Stories can be submitted to the archive Share Your Story page. Please include the hashtag #IndigenousPOV and if applicable, #student. If preferred, submissions can be kept anonymous. Please reach out to Robin Keagle at rjkeagle@asu.edu for more information.

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