Journal of the Plague Year Archive Announces the Performing Arts Collection


The History department at Arizona State University has launched “The Journal of the plague Year,” in an effort to document the historical impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The JOTPY is a digital crowdsourced archive created to gather and preserve the stories and experiences of people living through COVID-19. The Performing Arts collection was created to preserve the stories of those whose livelihoods depend on performance art forms. Whether you are a performer or a director, designer or technician; whether you work in front or behind the curtain, your experiences and skilled contributions are the driving force behind not only the economic success of theatres and performance companies across the globe, but are the crucial element in the creation of art and entertainment that enriches the lives of millions of people.


As COVID-19 continues to ravage the country, we recognize that performing arts professionals have lost jobs and face an uncertain future.  Your story is crucial to the understanding of this historic time; it is an important snapshot of an artist’s life that will inspire and inform future artists and provide historical context to an evolving and resilient industry. The Performing Arts collection is a space where your voice matters. Help us capture what this moment means to the theater and performing arts industry.


You can upload your personal stories, documents, photos, and videos for submission to the archive here. Please add your story with the hashtag #performingarts. Contact J. Michael Bailey with any questions relating to the Performing Arts collection or the “Journal of the Plague Year” archive: jmbail18@asu.edu


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