Spending Time with Pets During Quarantine

The early days of the pandemic found many people isolating themselves away from almost everyone except those they lived with. While this initially caused a spiral into melancholy and depression, it also served as a way for people to self-reflect without the presence of any distractions. This time to reflect resulted in a better quality of life that continues as we try to move on from COVID-19.

A Dog's Tale

"While COVID did bring devastation to people across the world, for one little dog it was just the medicine she needed. A purebred Shetland sheepdog named Hannah Banna was adopted in 2013 with a history of abuse, causing her to be unfriendly towards people. Because her owners were home 24/7 during the pandemic, constant companionship was able to heal her old wounds."

quarantine puppy

"I am a person who struggles greatly with mental health and I can say with much confidence that quarantine would have been extremely difficult had it not been for my dog."

Fur Friend to the Rescue

"People handle and deal with stress in different ways; some turn to their pets."

Pets and their effect during the pandemic

"To help deal with the new stresses my family decided to adopt a cat."

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