The Environment and The Pandemic: Pollution

The pandemic had both positive and negative impacts on pollution levels. Some of these effects are fleeting; some may be long-lasting. That’s up to us.



Air Quality Improvement: As people traveled and commuted less often, air pollution lessened. Views that weren't often visible pre-pandemic came into view.   


A Very Long Lonely Saturday Night

"This photo also captures something very significant to our atmosphere and that is the lack of air pollution."

The nature got some rest.

"The most intriguing part of the picture is how nature has had a chance to recuperate from human impact."

Increased Waste: An increase in trash from single-use items, cleaning materials, and masks was a major negative consequence of the pandemic.  Disposable materials require precious resources to produce, and the tendency of people to throw this trash out in nature had a tremendous negative outcome on the outdoors and on the animals who make their home there.  Discarded masks, wipes, and other disposable single-use items will be with us for a long time.


Two images, the top is a face mask in the water, the bottom is of a man at a beach holding a rope that has face masks hanging off of it.

Protection and Pollution

"This increase in single use items are ending in the ocean, and washing onto our shores."


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