Teleworking Exhibit: Zooming

Teleworkers ended up spending much of their days in Zoom meetings, trying to communicate and coordinate with their colleagues using this videoconferencing program. Particularly at the beginning of the pandemic, this method of communication resulted in humorous moments. Forgetting to mute your audio or turn off your camera could result in embarrassing situations!  We all had to adjust to this new method of connecting with each other. 


The Onion Reports that Nation Close to Getting Videoconferencing Software to Work

"People across America were all saying in unison, 'Can you hear me?' 'Can you see me?' and 'I don't know how to fix it.'" 


While there was humor in the new world of Zoom and teleworking, there were also genuine struggles. A new term, "Zoom fatigue,"  was coined to refer to the difficulties of spending much of one's workday on Zoom. 


Woman working on a computer. Text banner saying Why "Zooming" is so Exhausting.

Zoom Fatigue

"While technology has allowed many of us to stay connected it isn't without negatives."


Zoom meetings with fraught with embarassing moments and potential pitfalls. Our personal spaces became our screen backgrounds and were visible to our professional colleagues, many of us adopted more casual work attire (known as "pandemic fashion"), and teleworkers kept forgetting to mute the microphone and stop the video. 


Humor: People not on professional behavior when they work from home.

"There is much humor in the new 'work from home' systems. What goes on when the video screen is off?"

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