Art unleashes, intensifies, and celebrates precisely the creative and destructive impact of vibratory force on bodies, on collectives, on the earth itself: it protects and enhances life that is and announces life to come.
 -- Elizabeth Grosz, Chaos, Territory, Art: Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth.

This call for submissions seeks to highlight street art in the Journal of the Plague Year (JOTPY), a Crowdsourced digital archive where anyone can add their experiences and responses to the global pandemic for future generations to witness. Oftentimes, street art is temporary in nature and may be removed, obscured, or destroyed. Help JOTPY recognizes the diversity of street artists and their expressions of the pandemic experience. Street art often reflects individuality, community sentiment, class differences, politics, emotion, and humor. Your contributions to the archive – such as news articles, blog posts, videos, photos, and social media posts of murals, graffiti, paste-ups, stencils, chalk art, and stickers – will provide future generations access to a fleeting moment of art in and on public spaces and places during the pandemic. When submitting a street art item to JOTPY, please include a title for your submission, a description and location of the street art, your name (names can be kept private/anonymous), and #pandemicstreetart. Text stories, image(s), video(s), audio, and PDF files are all accepted file types. If the street art speaks to your experience(s) of the pandemic, please share your thoughts! If you would like to contribute, please share your story/pic/video here and reach out to Monica Ruth at meruth1@asu.edu if you have any questions.

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