We Shall Overcome

During a time of endless uncertainty, isolation, and fear, many people have remained steadfast in their faith.  Inspired to serve, have hope, and preserve community, people have carried their faith in the face of COVID-19.  The light of faith shines brightest in the darkness.

While many religious services reinvented themselves in an online format, many spiritual leaders found themselves taking on new roles as they tried to support their communities with new resources and opportunities to connect.

Living in Service

Inspired by faith, people have offered their time and talents to help others.

Holding On

COVID-19 has created many doubts and spiritual challenges in addition to the realities of lost jobs, sick loved ones, and more.  However, some have turned to their faith to support them and give them hope in tomorrow.

Banding Together

Through relying on each other and transcending differences, people have found ways of instilling a sense of community despite physical separation.

"Social Distance Powwow is a Facebook page created so Indigenous Peoples can virtually powwow together. Bear Cadman, a member of Dine Nation, submitted this photo of him and wrote 'Prayers for all nations. Prayers for peace and healing. Love will win. Prayers for all of you the 5 finger nation.'"

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