As curators based in the American West, our curatorial perspective reflected our geographic location. However, article submissions provided a window into the global challenges facing LGBTQ people.  Based on article contributions, the archive contains items representing Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Some examples of global items include:

Contributors also frequently submitted articles specific to LGBTQ communities in the U.S. While article links and screenshots were the predominant items submitted to this collection, contributors also included magazine covers, blog posts, social media campaigns, virtual panels, religious announcements, and even advertisements for LGBT themed face masks. While largely concentrated on the coasts, items from the archive come from every region in the United States.

Some examples of U.S. items include:

“In the Woods”

From Owen County, Indiana

Many of the contributions in the LGBTQ collection were made by curators associated with A Journal of the Plague Year. From personal reflections on mental health to locally specific reflections on community, many of the items in the LGBTQ collection are from curators living in Utah and Arizona.

Some examples of items shared by curators include:
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