Outdoor Hobbies: Connecting with Nature

Between lockdowns, teleworking, and online learning, one of the key features of the pandemic was simply being stuck at home.

Simply getting out of the house became a primary way for people to cope, demonstrated by the number of cars parked on the mountainside below. Whether it be hiking, gardening, or other activities, outdoor hobbies gave a way for people to safely escape lockdown periods and connect to the world around them. According to one source, in the United States alone "7.1 million more Americans participated in outdoor recreation in 2020 than in the year prior"

According to the CDC, outdoor activities during the pandemic serve as a significantly safer way to both exercise and interact with others.

Finding Beauty in a COVID World: Colorado Landscapes

"If it weren't for COVID and losing my job I would not have experienced many of these moments that I captured in these pictures....these images are from various scenic places throughout the country, mostly in the west, where I began my roadtrip." - Greta Weinrich

Day Trip to Wupatki National Monument / Sunset Crater

"After being cooped up basically all summer...I decided I needed to get out and get some fresh air.... Even though the pandemic is still going strong, this was a safe, socially distanced adventure that we both thoroughly enjoyed."

"What do you do when you cannot do what you normally do? The answer for many Arizonians, and visitors, has been outdoor activities! Hiking, biking or simply going to the park." - Franco Farina

"The spring, fall, and winter lockdown in southern Arizona were fabulous in that I was able to enjoy the outdoors more than when I was in the office" - Sharon Hunt

"With so many places closed down, people were forced to go outside and enjoy forests, beaches, yards, etc. I was one of these people, and I discovered a talent for gardening.... I grew potatoes, onions, flowers, herbs- anything that could be planted, I planted!" - Claire Lavarreda

Hobbies and Quarantine

"Quarantine and working from home have allowed the both of us to explore hobbies we have always wanted.... I was able to start my own herb garden and it flourished.

Learning to Disc Golf

"Many people have picked up new hobbies....disc golf is something all ages can do... and it is something that people can do safely while facing COVID-19... We all have found new ways to cope." - Grace Frey

This is a picture of a man standing in a street smiling for the camera, while carrying a plastic grocery bag in one had, and flashing a thumbs up with the other. He is wearing sunglasses, shorts, and a shirt that reads "Don't be trash" on it with a recycling symbol in the center.

Cleaning up during quarantine

"I thus spent large amounts of my quarantine time cleaning up the desert alongside my loving fiance....This made me realize that we depend heavily on the earth, however, we sometimes forget to take care of our planet. "  - Nicholas Strathmann.

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