Navigating Labor During COVID-19

During the entirety of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been countless people who have had their labor status affected. This exhibit helps to bring light to the stories of how people had to navigate the loss of business or work and even had to navigate the ongoing changes the pandemic brought to their workplace.

Closed small businesses in downtown Pewaukee, along the beach.

Businesses along the beach that were forced to shut down due to the Pandemic. Prior to the pandemic these businesses were thriving, because of the closures owners struggled to meet ends.

A picture of a Walmart employee wearing a mask and gloves waiting patiently at a table in the store.

Walmart Associate Checks Coworker’s Temperatures

This is how essential workers had to change their normal operations at work.  Instead of coming to work as normal, the pandemic forced many to have to adapt to new rules surrounding the virus.

A woman wearing a mask mans a health checkpoint at a medical center with masks, hand sanitizer, and signs explaining the COVID-19 symptoms.

Work Reality

Healthcare Workers, some of the most essential workers, had to adjust drastically to meet the requirements surrounding the pandemic to ensure the safety of all patients

Businesses along Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans, LA, boarded shut.

Carrollton Avenue Businesses Closed, New Orleans, LA

Another city that thrived on local businesses, had an entire street full of businesses that had to shut down in response to the pandemic.

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