Family and Friendship

"We’ve always been so busy with our own lives that this is the longest we’ve been together since when I was a 3rd grader, probably. For the past few months, I’ve learned a lot more about them than ever. I’m grateful for this opportunity." 

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic strained relationships as people struggle with both isolation and too much togetherness. Families in lockdown or quarantine spent more time with each other, both in appreciation and frustration. Individuals isolated from family expressed gratitude for their relationships as digital time together replaced physical time together. The New Normal reoriented social life and forced people to learn new ways to connect with their loved ones.

The Pandemic slowed the pace of everyday life focusing attention on the home and family life.

Without the distractions of pre-pandemic life, families are finding that physical and virtual time together is an important part of life.

"Do you still have the same people in your life?"

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

Huyen Tran closes her letter by asking "do you still have the same people in your life," wondering how the relationships that supported her during the pandemic changed in a post pandemic world. What relationships sustained you through the pandemic? How have your relationships changed?

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