Bonding through Isolation: COVID Bubble Unity

To best protect against COVID-19, people found their in-person interactions mostly limited to those they lived with and a select group of family and friends. This chosen group became known as a person's "COVID Bubble". Despite being more isolated than ever, this provided an opportunity to bond more closely to those left around them.

Two people laying on a blanket.

Friendships in the times of COVID-19

"During the times of COVID-19, the relationship dynamics between roommates evolve as they shift from being mere roommates to teammates in the battle of staying alive and healthy."

Dating During the Pandemic

"No matter what situation you were in, it really pushed your relationship to the next level." - Brenne Cofske

From always on the go to no where to go.w

"Before the pandemic had hit the United States my family and I had always been on the go between work, school and sports....overall covid did bring us closer as a family, giving us time to really focus on each other. " - Amelia Kancar

"For all its negative effects, I see brightness and rebirth. The quarantine has brought our family to be at each other’s faces 24/7. Thus we became more tolerant of each other’s eccentricities." - Noemi Beth Macario

"As an introvert I have imagined and fatnasized about a period where I can just be alone.... pure bliss I imagined.... It turns out introverts like the option of going out, even if they don't use it" - Moyinoluwa Okunloye

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