The pandemic has changed the ways we use language. New words have entered our vocabulary, like “social distancing”, while the growth in online communication has created new opportunities and challenges for communicating. Maybe you used free time during the pandemic to try studying a new language. Many of us can recall an awkward error in communication caused by faulty technology over the past year. Speakers of endangered languages have faced both difficulties and successes in fostering their language during the pandemic. The pandemic has also posed new questions about communication and language. How should we communicate in the future? How do we translate terms like social distancing into languages that might not have that term?If you have something to say about communication or language during the pandemic, including changes in vocabulary or language revitalization, please submit it to the JOTPY archive using the Share Your Story form.

You can submit a personal story, an article you stumble across, or anything related to language and communication during the pandemic that crosses your mind.When you submit, make sure you put #Language&Communication as a hashtag.

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