JOTPY Workshop Series

The Journal of the Plague Year: A Covid-19 Archive (JOTPY) is seeking sponsors for its upcoming workshops. As a global curatorial consortium, JOTPY has partnered with dozens of heritage institutions, universities, and K-12 Educators in order to document the pandemic. We ask that organizations who agree to sponsor our workshops do so by advertising the events on their social media pages, list-servs, and newsletters. In return, your entity's logo will be featured on our promotional materials.

If you agree to "sponsor" these events by promoting them in your networks (no monetary commitment required), please email your organization's logo to JOTPY Post-Doc Marissa Rhodes at


Register for any of the workshops in our series here: (Zoom links will be provided to all registrants.)


Toning Down and Tuning In: Addressing Archival Silences of Covid-19 Community Curation

Thurs. Oct. 8 at 12 noon (MST, AZ time)/ 3PM EDT via Zoom 

This workshop will include short presentations by a panel of experts and JOTPY partners, such as UTSA historian Jerry Gonzalez, UW Eau Claire Historian Cheryl Jimenez-Frei, JOTPY Intern Carolyn Evans, Rochester Institute of Technology Museum Studies Director Juilee Decker, ASU sustainability scholar Denise Bates, and Rev. Shonda Nicole Gladden whose work on underrepresented groups exposes silences in the archive and within the Covid-19 pandemic more generally. Discussion and Q&A will follow. This is a great opportunity for educational communities to discuss how Covid-related social issues are magnified and replicated by community collection and curation. 

This workshop is completed. You can find the recording here:



Moving from Collecting to Interpreting and Analyzing Covid-19 Oral Histories

Thur. Nov. 5 at 1 pm AZ time/3pm EST via Zoom 

This workshop builds off the Oral History Association 2020 panel "Telling COVID's Stories: Implications for the Field," which will be open to the public and held online on Wed. Oct. 21 from 3:30-5pm EST and Jason M. Kelly's September 2020 article in OHR titled "The COVID-19 Oral History Project: Some Preliminary Notes from the Field" where he discusses the challenges of the Covid-19 Oral History Project launched by IUPUI in April 2020. The Covid-19 Oral History Project has partnered with JOTPY to make Covid-19 oral histories available to the public. In this workshop, academics and oral historians Kathy Nasstrom, Jason M. Kelly, Stephen Sloan, Carmen Coury, Doug Boyd, and representatives from the VOCES project will discuss the process of interpreting and analyzing Covid-19 Oral Histories after collection.  

This workshop is completed. You can find the recording here:


Teaching the Covid-19 Archive

Tue. Nov. 17 at 1 pm AZ time/3pm EST via Zoom 

Educators from various backgrounds will gather to discuss the advantages, challenges, and methods of using JOTPY in the classroom. Historian of education, Victoria Cain and Boston Public School teacher Claire Tratnyek have developed instructional materials and tutorials for educators wishing to use JOTPY to enrich their students' learning experiences. University professor Martha Lizabeth Phehlps and K-12 teachers Morgan Keena and Shanna Gagnon will also present about their experiences using the archive to teach in their classrooms. Digital and Public History scholar Jim McGrath from Northeastern University will also be joining. This is an excellent opportunity for instructors, at both the University level and K-12, to learn how to incorporate community collecting into their syllabi and lesson plans.



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