Indoor Hobbies

From Do-It-Yourself Projects to learning a new instrument or skill, people took advantage of the extra time they they found themselves at home in countless ways.  The pandemic may have taken a lot away from them, but this collection focuses on the stories of what opportunities people found while locked away indoors.

Painting In Quarantine

"It was a stressful time for everyone, and we all had to find hobbies that would keep us busy, which is important to understanding 2020 and the lockdown... we had to find these little things to keep us going throughout the long days stuck inside, and painting really helped me do that."        - Sydney Joseph

Jewelry making supplies and beads.

Finding New Hobbies And Picking Up Old Ones

"Now is the perfect time to develop new hobbies and get back into old ones... who knows the next time you’ll have some quality time to yourself when this is all over?" -Kailyn Alonso

Costume Designing During a Pandemic

"My friend, Erin, had never really tried to make a costume before; however, during quarantine she found herself with a lot of time on her hands... This was her new Covid-hobby, her new way to cope and distract herself from what was happening in the world." - Grace Frey, about her friend Erin

Learning to Play Piano

"Piano has become her new hobby, her new way to relax.... She said if it hadn't been for Covid-19, she would have never thought to have taken piano or had the opportunity to learn a new skill. " - Grace Fey, about her roommate Vanessa

A terrarium of plants.

Terrariums as Meditation

"Isabella Hurley, age 19, has found both a new hobby and a new means of coping through terrarium creation... 'it's like building a little planet. I get so caught up in planning each detail and arranging them, that I am able to forget about all the stress around me.'" -Rebecca Hicks

"I read more during the first few months of the pandemic than I had in the past several years combined... I rekindled my love for reading...  giving me something to look forward to and work towards during a time that felt stagnant" - Julia Jensen

"Since many restaurants were fully closed the only way to eat the food I was craving was to cook it. In this simple activity I found a passion that very quickly turned into something relevant to me as I found a job at a restaurant cooking, and getting paid for that passion." - Bobby Lee

"During my summer break, I began learning to paint and would spend about a couple hours a day painting with my friends over Zoom.... this helped me steer away from pondering about what's been going on in the world and was very stress-relieving." - Anonymous

This is a picture of a large, multicolored quilt that a person created during the COVID-19 Pandemic lock down.

The Covid Quilt

"When the lock down started I ordered a bunch of different fabrics to make masks with....By the end of this summer I had hundreds of squares and decided to make a quilt. This is my Covid quilt. You can see a years worth of colorful masks represented in it." - Dana Lee Bell

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