Connecting with the Outdoors

During quarantine, people were losing their sanity by being cooped up in their homes by themselves or with family members.  This caused many to venture outside, and reconnect with nature. Being outside away from the stresses of lockdown, when many people were trying to work from home or had school online, was therapeutic. It even helped outdoor industries, like golfing, become incredibly popular at a time when indoor activities were prohibited. 

Spending Time in Nature Will Get You Through the Pandemic

"Spending time in nature can help us get through the pandemic."

Increase of Outdoor Participants since the Pandemic's Onset

"For me, it's a great way to escape and improve mental health."

Golf Industry Goes Full-Swing

"As the national shutdown continued, it only gave people more of a reason to select outdoor activities in order to escape the house, and it only increased the desire for most to try golf. "

Nature can boost your mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

This article describes the benefits nature can provide in improving one's mental health during this time.

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