Changes in Ritual: Adapting to the times

The lockdowns and social distancing requirements that have come in response to the pandemic have dramatically altered the ways in which many people practice their faith.  However, determined not to be defeated, many faith communities have adapted to the seemingly impossible circumstances and have found ways to worship together while apart.

"Determined not to deny the faithful a chance to venerate the Blessed Sacrament, the parish priest of Cubao, Quezon City conducted a motorcade that carried him and the Blessed Sacrament."

Innovation and Creativity

Religious leaders learned to be creative and adaptive with their ministries at a time when the faithful needed them the most.

Drive Thru, Dispensations, and Signs of the Times

While at times seemingly outrageous, faith leaders took a variety of measures to provide access to sacraments and worship experiences in a virtual or socially distanced format.  However, religiousl leaders were also keenly aware of the sacrafices and and obstacles that the faithful were facing, and they adapted by offering Mass and Lenten dispensations.

For the Sake of Safety

Although difficulty, religious leaders had to make decisions about modifying their rituals in order to promote safety among its members.  In the case of the Quechan Tribe, that meant cancelling full traditional funeral rites and replacing them with an abbreviated version.

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