Staying Connected

Yes, the world is a scary place right now. I know it’s hard to grasp the severity of the situation right now, even adults are failing to do so from what I’m seeing. I’m trying to look on the bright side, it’s a time for change.

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

The pandemic fundamentally transformed how people build and maintain connections with others. Many people turned to social media, apps, and video chats to connect with others. Social distancing and quarantine were challenging and often isolating, but strong connection with other people promoted positivity. Our New Normal necessitated new ways of keeping in touch with loved ones, opportunities, and community.

Strong connection with friends and family inspired each other to overcome this hardship together.

The pandemic became a great opportunity to cope with many people, either old or new, and appreciate their support.

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Remote work opportunities created new space for distanced collaborations.

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Even as people saved money by staying at home, they supported their local businesses as a way to stay connected.

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Social media connected strangers through acts of kindness. 

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Despite physical distancing, nothing stopped people from raising their voices on social and political issues.

People are uniting. I really do hope that everyone can contribute during this unprecedented time. Spread awareness, sign petitions, make donations, educate yourself and others, have those uncomfortable conversations. This is time for growth.

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

In the beginning of the pandemic, the world was a scary place. However, people actively shared experiences, supported each other with compassion, and united themselves as a community to confront this crisis together. Social connection is fragile but also strong. Even in our New Normal, people show their capacity to reconstruct their communities through compassionate acts and nurture solidarity.

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