The pandemic has changed life for all of us, including our furred, feathered, and scaled friends. Pet adoption rates soared. With more time at home, our animal companions got more walks, more scratches, and more snuggles. For a lot of pets, the pandemic was a dream come true. There is, of course, the flip side to that coin. There are pets who suffered from the loss of a human companion due to COVID-19. There are also pets who will be struggling with separation anxiety now that many people are returning to the office and school. For a lot of us, our animals are like family, and their stories are important too.
Please share your pets’ heartwarming, harrowing, and humorous stories, pictures, and videos with Journal of a Plague Year COVID-19 Archive. Help us to preserve these memories for future generations, researchers, and historians. Remember to use the hashtag #PandemicPets in your submission!

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