Staying Safe

A Page from Christopher Metta Bexar, concerned student at St. Mary's University, San Antonio. I am also a person at higher risk from the virus.

Fang Squad Tee

Me wearing a Fang Squad tee from my university


As I said, I am a member of the group at higher risk to the effects of the virus. So I have had to take all of my courses online this semester for my health, and the protection of my wife who is also a member of the higher risk group in two categories.

I had the opportunity to interview a professor and a university administrator at two San Antonio area universities, who are dealing with the pandemic as both members of staff as well as members of the group at higher risk to the effects of Covid-19. Their insights were invaluable to understanding the challenges added to continuing to deliver education by the virus. It is not just students who have had their experience disrupted by Covid-19.

David teaches necessary science courses, prerequisites for many majors in both science and medicine. Sam runs an important program to see that all ethnic and social groups are represented in grad schools.

David Oral History, 2020/11/04

As David said  about one of the  changes "Yes. I had to go out and duplicate most of the lab materials needed to conduct the experiments as well as purchase a video camera..."

Dr. Sam Oral History, 2020/10/14

As Dr. Sam said in the interview "We are trying to keep the situation as normal as possible. "


Education on the virus is important to me and to others because of the potential this virus has for harm. I need, as do others, as much education as I can about the virus and how to prevent its spread.

One of the reasons a lot of the American public is ignorant about the virus and how it is spread is the Trump Administration wanting to override the experts such as The Centers for Disease Control and Johns Hopkins University.

A Telling Graph...

A very telling graph about how the US has handled the virus poorly in relationship to other industrialized nations. The US has more deaths than six other industrialized nations combined.  Taiwan is so efficient they didn't have enough fatalities to appear on the graph.

Signage at St. Mary's University

Some signs from the university where I attend. They remind us of important things as some of the precautions needed.


Recent information about who is at a higher risk. Most people are unaware of who  is in the higher risk group, It is not just the elderly.


My certificate from Johns Hopkins. It's important we all learn as much as we can. Johns Hopkins is the nation's finest medical school.

Visuals of the Pandemic

Some visuals from the pandemic. They help to illustrate some of the changes made necessary by the virus to life in 2020, as well as some of the ways people are educating others. Tee-shirts and teaching via Zoom can be powerful educators during the crisis as are changes to buildings....and sometimes clever.

Summer College Programming During the Pandemic

A summer program at the university I attend. The staff had to make changes due to Covid-19.


A message shirt for all of us.... A public service announcement from the Chicago Cubs as well as a tee-shirt I wanted to purchase...

Fang Squad Tee

Myself in a special university tee-shirt to remind  others to help stop the pandemic.  When I was on campus I did not see enough tee-shirts like this, nor masks.

Modification to Library

A change to a library entrance. Necessary for the protection of all. This is actually from the first floor of the library at the university I attend.

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