Major Habit Changes during COVID-19

When the United States first went into lockdown, most people were shocked by the sudden standstill of their lives. The abrupt change from the daily grind to having days of unstructured time caused many people to start having mental health issues. Laying on the couch watching Netflix and eating junk food, it turns out, doesn't provide a very fulfilling life. However, lockdown allowed people to reflect inwards on themselves; to realize that there needs to be more activity in their lives. The following archive material showcases how people found new hobbies, new ways to spend time with friends and enjoy life again. 

How The Pandemic Changed My Life For The Better

"With everything that happened during the pandemic I am happy that I learned something new and found a new hobby."

what I have done with all the free time the virus gave me

"By adding more structure in my day and trying new activities, I was able to maintain a sense of purpose and general direction which is important in holding on to one’s mental health."

Finding Me.

" But Covid-19 was low-key a blessing in disguise for me, with all this free time with work and school being closed, I found myself. "

Banjo on a stand next to a wooden, upright piano.

My new hobby

"This item matters to me as it helped me through the initial stages of the pandemic, and helped me stay mentally active during quarantine. "

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