Teleworking Exhibit: Animal Companions

Many people turned to their pets for support and companionship while working from home. For pets, the pandemic probably represented a golden age, when their human companions were home all day to pay attention to and play with them all day!

Point Counterpoint Editorial from Cat and Dog Regarding Humans Staying Home All the Time

A humorous take on our companion animals and how they view their teleworking humans.


Our animals graciously kept us company, helping us stay on track with our work and lifting our spirits during the long, lonely days of teleworking. 


Medium-sized dog with brown eyes and curly, white and gray hair.

The Dog Days of the Pandemic

"Teleworking due to the pandemic has resulted in a closer bond between me and my dog, who seems to be thrilled that I'm home all day to pay attention to him and has shared his joy with me to help me get through these dark days."

A cat relaxing on a bed.

How Ronnie Red Found a Forever Home in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

"He 'supervises' my remote work and keeps me sane and organized."

Meme about Working from Home. Includes Pets.

A teleworker's dog companion claims that "I am the only one holding their company together."

Work from home, with some help of course

"The video shows what he does nearly every time someone in the house is typing on a keyboard."

Survey Finds Dog Owners Are Exercising More, Enjoying Working From Home During the Pandemic


"83% of pet parents — said they would continue to work from home after the pandemic."

A brown dog is tucked in and wrapped in blue and white blankets.

My new coworker is a bit of a bitch.

"Our dogs love to nap while we are working."

Olive and Mabel Have a Company Meeting. Olive and Mable are Labradors

Youtube user MrAndrewCotter holds a meeting with his two dogs, Mable and Olive.

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