“Friday the 13th of March was where it all started. [. . .] It hit me that day that COVID-19 was a lot more serious than I had thought. [. . .] Everything kind of escalated quickly as my school routine was taken away from me."

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

The landscape of education changed dramatically this year. As schools closed, students and teachers transitioned to online learning where together they tried to maintain some semblance of normalcy. The New Normal is a collective effort that reflects accomplishment, creativity, and fatigue.

This is a picture of a young girl resting her elbows on her spelling homework, which lays on the table in front of her.

Many parents became at-home co-teachers, instilling a new appreciation for education professionals.

Internet access was paramount this year as school and work transitioned online. 

Some students turned the pandemic into an opportunity for even greater success.

This is a picture of a woman in a graduation outfit jumping in the air in front of a school administration building.

Some things haven’t changed; students still graduate and celebrate their achievements

“I’m sorry that junior year has to end this way. I’m sorry that my friends and teachers did not receive a proper goodbye. I’m sorry that things feel hopeless at times. But remember that life will eventually get back to normal!”

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

The move to online and hybrid learning was challenging, but some students still managed to achieve more than they expected. Individual student experiences are so diverse that there is no one-size-fits-all model. What aspects of education in our New Normal were successful enough to keep even after the pandemic?

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