Mental Health and Mindfulness: Success Stories

Isolation. Financial hardship. Local cases skyrocketing. These are but a few of the many external conflicts much of the world faced at the height of the pandemic. This sudden bombardment of issues inevitably ended up breaching the internal sphere of mental health for many people.  According to the CDC, as of July of 2020, roughly 40% of adults reported struggling with mental health, with cases of anxiety tripling, and depression quadrupling compared to the previous year. This exhibit is not meant to detract from the struggles people faced in this dark time, but to show those who were able to find some semblence of a light despite it and were brave enough to share their stories.

Sunny, rocky outcrop overlooking the forest.

Venturing Outside My Comfort Zone

"I moved to Ohio shortly before the pandemic hit.... I did not have enough time in the state to learn my way around, and actually grew somewhat agoraphobic.... As the summer ended and I recognized how fearful my life had become, I reached out to a therapist... She encouraged me to venture out in the safest way I could, exploring the nature around me and getting more comfortable in Ohio... While the world is still frightening at the moment and we still have to be safe in public spaces, I was able to feel more at home here by connecting to nature." - Julia Jensen

Positive Affirmations for Mental Health (especially in a pandemic!)

"Just like everyone, I have been dealing with many mental health issues during this pandemic.... I decided to give affirmations and gratitude a go as a way to not only brighten my mood, but to help me appreciate life more in general and bring more positive vibes into it. I’m not saying that doing this solves all your issues, but it has definitely worked wonders for me, especially during these darker days of the world." -Juliet Tompkins

Fur Friend to the Rescue

"Your pet doesn't know anything about what's going on with the world, they just know you are their human and they love you....Every day you come home, they are super excited to see you, and sometimes, that can make a terrible day so much better." - Ashley Pierce

How pets help people cope during a pandemic

"Given that there is no evidence that people can get COVID from their animal companions, interacting with your pet is a fun, easy, and safe way to stay healthy and happy during the pandemic." - Ashely Tibollo

"It’s difficult to work from home and maintain a boundary between home and office... I have a ritual to begin and end my workdays that is aligned with my yoga practice. I do a specific yoga sequence that is different from sequences I do at other times of the day as well as do meditation. This clears my mind and signals to me on a subconscious level that it’s time to work. At the end of the day, I do another unique yoga sequence and meditation to dispel the work energy and switch my mind and feelings towards personal matters." 

- Sharon E. Hunt

Meditation during the Pandemic

"Anxiety is something that is not fun to deal with especially during a pandemic when we have no one to talk to or can't really go out much. A way that helps me calm down is meditation whether it be turning off the lights and lighting up a scented candle or just going outside and take a breath of fresh air.... Doing this for ten minutes a day really does make a difference in your everyday life." - Alexis Lopez

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Finally, with too much time on my hands
I can freely escape to different lands
Where my mind, body and soul are in unity
And the me I’ve always known takes on a new identity

- Tessa Thompson

"In a way my COVID-19 experience taught me a lot about my mental health and helped me find ways to make the best of the situation and not take anything for granted." - Anonymous

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