Indigenous COVID-19 Experience at NU

Below you will find several submissions from Indigenous students at Northeastern University about their COVID-19 experience. Some stories are also about Northeastern University students attending Indigenous events during the pandemic. To return to the homepage, click here. 

As you look at the items below, please watch this video on the importance of Indigenous communities in education.¹




Text story by Claire Lavarreda.

Virtual Pow Wows - A result of Covid -19

Virtual Powwows by Jaclyn Keating.

Northeastern Virtual Indigenous People's Day 2020

Article by Ellen Cushman of Northeastern University on virtual celebration during COVID-19.

Being Indigenous During COVID-19

Artwork by Daniella Lavarreda.

Lynn Brown Oral History, 2020/07/02

COVID-19 Struggles of Leventhal Map Center that featured an exhibit that collaborated with Indigenous communities, by Lynn Brown.

1. Global News, "Teaching the truth: Why education needs to be informed and led by Indigenous people," YouTube Video, 00:12:29,  October 30, 2021,


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