Reflecting on a Plague Year

P.S. Is quarantine over? Have you been accepted into your dream school? Where are you going? What major did you decide on? Are you and Kimberly going to the same school? How’s your mental state? Do you still have the same people in your life? Was senior year good or bad? Are you still crushing on VVS? Will you always overthink everything? What are you afraid of? Are you a bad driver? No matter the answer, I just want to say that I am proud of your accomplishments and keep staying positive.

- Huyen Tran, May 2020

A special thanks to Huyen Tran, her teacher Kathryn Jue, and all the exhibit curators at the University of Cincinnati: Kathleen Bailey, Alayna Gould, Amanda Lehew, Erena Nakashima, Liam Sutphin, and Dr. Rebecca Wingo.

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