The Environment and The Pandemic: Effects on Wildlife

The pandemic has altered the environment and affected our animal friends, mainly in positive ways. The strain on wildlife has been lessened because of fewer people on the roads and in public places, resulting in opportunities for humans to spot and enjoy more animals. Research is continuing on the relationship of climate change and wildlife habitat devastation to the development of this and possible future pandemics.  


Animals Thriving: Changes in human activity and pollution levels have improved the lives of many of our wild friends.

Turtle Baby Boom

"Turtles around the globe were able to return to traditional nesting sites without the interference of tourists and beach goers."

Sea Life Thriving Among Dark Times

"Sea turtles in Florida are thriving as the water is seeing less pollution from beach goers. Among the dark times we have seen a pollution come down and animals living life."

COVID19 and wildlife

This website gives insight on how COVID-19 has affected wildlife.

How COVID has changed ocean life


Animal researchers are tracking the effects of COVID on wildlife and studying how the lack of human traffic is affecting them. 

Birds during the pandemic

The Audubon Society details both the good and bad effects of the pandemic on wild birds.  

Two geese swimming in the water with a wave crashing and mountains in the distance.

Nature coming back to Life

"Wildlife coming back as less people come out of their homes and scare the wildlife from their true homes."  


Wildlife Sightings: The lack of human activity has emboldened animals to venture into areas that they avoided previously. Since many of us are spending more time at home and in the outdoors, we have more opportunities to spot wildlife. 


Wild animals take over lockdown cities around the world

"As people living in cities are shut away amid countries' COVID-19 lockdowns and the hustle and bustle of city roads are brought to a standstill, wildlife has taken over urban spaces."

Why are we seeing more wildlife during the pandemic

"As cities quiet down and empty out, many animals may quickly take note … with more people at home looking or being outside, wildlife sightings could go up."


Wild Goats Wander into Town Amidst COVID-19 Lockdown

"There are so little people and cars out on the streets that the goats find it safe to wander them."

Sounds of nature over while civilization takes a break

"Now, in the mornings you can hear birds and at night the crickets."


Climate change: Scientists are studying how climate change and wildlife habitat devastation may have contributed to the current pandemic and how we need to address these issues to avoid future pandemics. 


Climate change, Wildlife, and the pandemic

The relationship of climate change and wildlife habitat devastation to the current and possible future pandemics is explored in this PBS article.  

COVID-19 pandemic impact on wildlife

The negative impacts of the pandemic on wild animals and the trading of wild animals as a causal factor in the pandemic are explored in this article.

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