Food touches every part of our lives; from the meals we share with family and friends to how we view and nourish our bodies. The pandemic has had a drastic impact on food in our culture and our communities. Food has never been more needed to soothe our anxieties or more vilified for the empty snack drawer and the extra weight we now carry. Behind the food we eat is an industry built to provide for our wants and needs. The food industry has been hit with an uncertain future while being heralded for the tireless work of cooks and grocery store employees. Is comfort food a friend or a foe to our health? What has it been like for restaurant and grocery store employees still working through the pandemic? It may not seem like these stories are historically significant, but they are. How we eat and what we eat in the future is being decided right now.

The Foodways collection seeks to preserve this moment in our lives through the language of food. Please upload your story to the Share Your Story Page with the hashtag #FoodIsLife. If you have any questions, please reach out to Stephanie Berry at slberry6@asu.edu

Photo credit: Stephanie Berry

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